Since our inception, Qn-SOLAR has quickly risen to the top of the PV manufacturing industry. Our senior team has more than 15 years of comprehensive expertise in PV technology and PV solutions. From 2014 to now, The installed capacity of our projects has reached 15GW. Our own asset of PV power stations have exceeded 1.5GW. Qn-SOLAR officially launched global PV business in 2022.Our headquarters is in Shanghai of China, And we have six manufacturing bases in China. As a professional and integrated company, On-SOLAR has laid out various fields of PV upstream and downstream, Including a combined annual production capacity of 69GW PV cells, 39GW PV modules in 2024.

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Members of The Board

Jack Ren

Founder & Chairman of Zhongqing Group

Past Experiences

-In 2017, co-founded Zhonghuan Aineng company with TCL (stock code 002129), one of top wafer suppliers in the world

In 2021, founded ZhongQing PV company (Qnsolar) focusing on researching and manufacturing of both PV cell(TOPCon N.type)and PV module, and globalizing investment of utility-scale PV project business

Aaron Wu

Chairman of China FV Group/CO-Founder of Zhongqing Group

Past Experiences

Having rich experience for over 17 years in PV industry.

In 2007, as an Europe Sales Director, he had worked for modules sales in C-SUN (stock code: CSUN) for 7 years.

-In 2013, founded Smart Power Co, Ltd. (wil be public in 2023)Focusing on power station development, investment services andpower station EPC business

In2021, He had co-founded ZhongQing group, which has global supply chain and power station business

Stephen Cai

Chairman of Qn-SOLAR/CO-Founder of Zhongqing Group

Past Experiences

Senior expert in PV industry for 16 years

China Sunergy(NASDAQ:CSUN):CEO

DuPont (NYSE:DD): General Manager of Advanced Fiber Department (Asia Pacific)

Global Deployment

  • Headquarters

  • Manufacturing Bases

  • Offices&Branches

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Manufacturing Bases: Xuzhou, China Dangyang, China Chizhou1. China Chizhou2, China Huaibei, China Baotou, China
Offices&Branches: Hong Kong, China Japan Malaysia Poland Germany Spain Italy Brazil Netherlands France Colombia United Kingdom Abu Dhabi Mexico Australia
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